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Invest In Your Debt is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Financial Services in Austin TX

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ADE et Worth Calculator


Learn how to increase your Net Worth by reducing your interest rates and lowering your monthly payments and rapidlly eliminating all your Debts

without harming your Credit Score


without living like a Hermit in the Himalayas!!

...and I mean all your debts.  Mortgages, Student Loans, Car Loans,
Medical Bills, Credit Cards.  I Do Mean All Your Debts.

Truly Change the Quality of Your Life & Own the Roof Over Your Head and the Cars in Your Garage, before You are out Speculating in Pork Bellies, Oil Wells and 401Ks that turn into 201Ks

Let us show you how you can rapidly reduce your interest rates and your monthly payments and then eliminate all your Credit Card Debt, pay off your Student Loans, your Car Loans; pay off all your consumer debt in 1-3 years and then Pay Off Your 30-year mortgage in another 4-5 years, all Without Harming Your Credit Score or living like a Hermit in the Himalayas !!

There are hundreds of thousands of people Just Like You who have found out that no matter how good or bad your financial situation is right now, you can truly change the quality of your life by implementing our proven methods.  Our powerful educational information will free up 1000's of dollars for you to make your retirement dreams a reality.   

You can use our free ADE Net Worth alculator to enter you list of debts and find out how quickly you can lower your interest rates, reduce your monthly payments and how quickly you can get rid of your debt
without harming your credit score or living like a Hermit in the Himalayas !!

Click Here to use the free ADE Net Worth alculator

rofessional Debt Elimination

A Word From Dave Ireland about ADE the Automatic Debt E-Racer Process

How would you like to cut your effective interest rates in half and reduce your monthly payments? Dramatically for some and...

Without Harming Your Credit Score!

Read on!

What is the Automatic Debt E-Racer Process ----- ADE?

It is a comprehensive, systematic, strategic financial plan for improving and/or increasing cash flow and ultimately paying down and eliminating all your debt without harming your credit score. 

To learn More Click Here.

The Essence of the ADE process:

1)    It's a coaching, mentoring process

2)    The process will rapidly pay down and eliminate all your debts

A)   without harming your credit score

B)   with your current income; no second job, no living like a hermit in the Himalayas

C)   uses a mathematical solution; does not require refinancing, expensive balance transfers, negotiating with creditors, or even speaking with a banker

D)   it is not software that you buy; you have your own personal mentor to work with you, and for you; guiding you through the crazy debt maze that the bankers have created for the American consumer

E)    it is not a Bill Payment Service Program; monies always stays in your checking account totally under your control

F)   it is administered by IYD, Inc., the "Invest In Your Debt" educational company with a BBB A+ Rating and ZERO Complaints

 Invest In Your Debt is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Financial Services in Austin TX

Privacy Notice

It starts with analyzing spending habits, focusing on reducing interest rates, and monthly payments and then follows a very precise mathematical process to rapidly eliminate debts all your debts, without harming your credit score; using significantly less of your money than the bankers' plan and usually eliminating the debt in one third the time.

 For example, our mathematical process will eliminate all your consumer debt; credit cards, car loans, student loans, IRS debt, medical bills, and etc., in about 1 to 3 years; and then if you continue to follow our Linear Math, Critical Path methodology, you can pay off a 30 year mortgage in another 4 to 5 years. You can do all this with the money you have today, no second job, no living like a hermit in the Himalayas and without harming your credit score.

 ADE is the most effective Debt Elimination strategy available in the marketplace today, primary because it gets rid of all your debts rapidly, saving you tens of thousands in interest cost and does not harm your credit score.


How Does ADE Work?

ADE is a service offered by IYD Inc., the Invest in Your Debt educational company that has been teaching people how to rapidly eliminate all their debts. It was founded by award winning author and professional speaker, Dave Ireland, in 1998. Its mission is to eliminate all the debt on Planet Earth. IYD Inc. has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and has never had a BBB complaint. ADE is not Debt Settlement, Debt Management, Debt Negotiation or Debt Consolidation. It's not a consolidation loan, new mortgage or a HELOC Program or a loan of any kind.  ADE is a coaching, mentoring process that guides the consumer through the financial maze that the bankers have created. It is based on mathematical formulas that do not require any interaction (negotiations) with your creditors.

The first step is to do an on line ADE Needs Analysis to determine if you qualify for ADE. This can be easily done by going to our free ADE Net Worth alculator enter your list of debts into the Calculator and instantly receive a free complementary1500 word ADE Needs Analysis Report.

Next, if you qualify, we work together to develop a debt elimination financial plan tailored to your specific situation. Then, we work with you, and for you, to implement this plan in such a way it assures you will easily and safely increase your Net Worth by lowering your interest rates, reducing your monthly payments and rapidly eliminating all your debts. Our mathematical process insures that your debts are prioritized in such a manner that it optimizes your success and not your creditor's bank account.

Conventional wisdom says that you should pay off the debts with the highest interest rate first or the smallest balance first. However, if you have as few as 7 debts, there are 5040 different ways one can prioritize these debts. Conventional wisdom only looks at two of these. I can assure you that out of the remaining possible combinations and permutation, there is a high probability that one or more of the remaining 5038 will be better then conventional wisdom. Government studies show that 96% of Americans, who follow conventional financial wisdom, never achieve financial freedom by the time they reach retirement age. Convention wisdom does not work in the financial arena.

We do not blindly follow convention. We use our sophisticated proprietary software to figure out which path is best for you.  We have spent ten years developing our proprietary software and it can not be purchased anywhere.  It's used exclusively with our ADE Students (I refer to our clients, as students)

If you are interested in eliminating some, or all, of your debt without harming your credit score and you do not have the time, energy, desire or interest in becoming the next Wall Street Wizard of debt elimination, then ADE is exactly what you are looking for. If you have more important things to do with your time, than chase the silly games the bankers are playing with the American consumer, then you need to check out the ADE process and have a real expert working in your corner for you, and only you.

Will ADE Work For Me?

Yes. Assuming you have the income to make your current minimum monthly payments to your creditors. ADE is not designed for people that have major debt problems. It is designed for the other 90 million American families that are making their payments, but are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of their debts.  It can handle any kind of debt; business or personal; people with steady income or entrepreneurial types with varying income streams.

It works best for people with good credit, but when other tactics, such as refinancing, debt settlement/negotiations and/or other bankruptcy avoidance programs like Consumer Credit Counseling are incorporated into the ADE process, it also can help credit, or cash flow, challenged individuals. 

The bottom line is ADE can help just about anyone eliminate their debt.

You have asset managers helping you protect and grow your assets; CPAs, other tax experts, Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, and etc. If you are going to get the transmission fixed on your car, you don't just go to any mechanic; you go to a transmission expert. Who do you have helping you with your liabilities today? Your spouse, maybe a brother in-law or another family member, but scariest of all is you banker. Th's like having the fox keep an eye on the chicken coupe. With the ADE process you have your own personal expert mentor guiding you through the crazy financial maze that the bankers have created.

What Debts Qualify for ADE

         -All Unsecured Debt   i.e. credit card debt, store card debt, student loans, IRS loans medical bills and etc.

         -All Secured Debt   i.e. car loans, mortgages, and etc.

         -All Business Debt Secured and Unsecured

Who Qualifies For ADE?

Anyone who has debt and wants to get rid of it without harming their credit score

    No minimum or maximum amount of debt required

    You do not need to be current with your payments

People that have debt and do not want to get rid of it, are usually referred to a psychiatrist

Benefits of ADE: 

         Improves your credit score.

o        Debts are paid on time

o        High Credit card balance are reduced

o        Debt to Income ratio is improved

         Monies always stay in your checking account, under your control. You do not send monies to us or some third party company hoping and praying that they send it to your creditor on time.

         ADE is not a new program. Started in 2002; over $50 million under management; eliminated nearly $15 million of debt for our ADE students. It is based on tried and proven strategies and tactics that successful people clearly understand, and use.

         Automated process. Get rid of the monthly bill payment hassle. You will never lick another stamp, stuff another envelope or go on line to pay a bill, unless you want to.

         It's flexible. We make the process fit your financial situation and personality. As an example, if you like licking stamps or stuffing envelope or going on line to pay bills; you can still do it this way with the ADE process

         It's a mentoring process. We do not sell you some software and send you off on your own; we are always working with you, and for you, until your debts are gone.

         It's a month to month program. No long term contract.

         Eliminates consumer debt in less than three years and a thirty year mortgage in less than ten years.

         Reduces your monthly payments by $100s of dollars.

         Your average interest rate is effectively cut in half; usually to less than 4%.

         Huge Interest Savings; not $1000s, but $10,000s. Real money that you are now contractually, legally obligated to pay your creditors over the coming decades. 

         Your creditors are instantly reimbursing you for the cost of ADE. In essence your creditors are paying you to participate in the ADE process and you are incurring no out of pocket costs.

         You have instant access to your own personal, private pass code protected ADE  Progress Report showing you all the positive things that are happening to your individual debts. All in one central location.

         Saves precious time for you and your family.

If you would like more time in your life for yourself and your family; if you would like less stress in your life and do the things you want to do and not have to play the banker's silly games, then ADE is the ultimate solution and makes it all happen for you.

You can use our new ADE Net Worth alculator to enter you list of debts and find out how quickly you can get out of debt without harming your credit score.  If you are interested in using our new ADE Net Worth alculator...     

Click here to use the free calculator.

Click below to find out...

Why ADE is so Effective?

There's no cost.  No obligation.  And no commitment when you do so.

Please note: I hate spam as much as you do. I will not sell or rent your information to anyone.


. Invest In Your Debt© Textbook

What would Your Life Be Like if You Were Truly Debt Free?

What Learn to eliminate all your debt without harming your credit score!!
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Career Opportunities

Help Wanted

We need people to help rid all the debt on Planet Earth!

  • Seminar Leaders are needed in your Local Community

  • ADE Analysts and ADE Locators are needed in your Local Community

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IYD, Inc. Mission Statement

To simply help as many people as possible achieve True Financial Feedom.  We accomplish this mission by providing the three essential elements of financial success--knowledge, tools and a financial plan that really works.  Our philosophy is that only by eliminating all debt will most people ever reach a position of real financial security.

Our Short Term Goal for You
To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Our Long Term Goal for You
Through total Debt Reduction and Continuing Education; to make your Retirement Plan a reality.










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